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Dolch Sight Words Set




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The ORIGINAL Dolch Sight Words DVDs

Learn the Sight Words.

The Dolch Sight Words Video/DVDs Present the sight words with stimulating visuals to a rhythmic and repetitive beat to help children acquire, learn and retain recognition of the Dolch sight words.

A much more effective and entertaining approach to presenting the sight words than traditional flash cards, this DVD is an excellent tool for early reading.

When children can instantly recognize the Dolch Sight Words, their reading fluency increases dramatically. They can understand and enjoy reading instead of focusing on decoding word after word.

The Dolch Sight Words DVDs are more effective and more fun than only using sight words flash cards.



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"We just ordered and received the Dolch sight words DVD. My daughter, 5, has a disability, but is very drawn to text....I just put in the DVD, and she usually takes time getting used to anything new, but she was immediately drawn to it. She loves it! The repetition is just right, and the sound track and adult and child voices are perfect. She has not taken her eyes off it yet, which is a real compliment to the producers."
-Meredith Z.

"Thanks for producing such a wonderful DVD that amuses, teaches and causes giggles and dancing!
My son will watch nothing else!
So, thanks for such a captivating teaching tool!"

-Leigh Ann D., Brighton, MI

We believe in the greatness of each child.

There are many ways to reach the minds and hearts of children. With uncountable personal learning styles, Kid 20/20 products use a variety of methods to help kids learn. Our products have shown that rhythm, pattern, and most of all, fun, are some of the greatest methods for memory and teaching. Our products present important learning skills through highly effective techniques.
Children's minds are like sponges. Early childhood is a time when they are soaking up everything and learning at warp speed. Take advantage of this time and give them plenty of mind nourishment in large doses in fun, creative ways. Order today.